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Ultrasonic testing is done in materials to determine whether there are flaws or defects present in a material, and also to determine the thickness of a material. Ultrasonic Inspection - Resources And Advice. A predictive maintenance technology that is applied to thickness, density, flow and level sensing. Is there a better, less intrusive method of inspection that could eliminate this wasteful PM? Join Robert Dent CRL, CMRP of SDT Ultrasound Solutions and.

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SAFETYUse an ultrasonic instrument to scan enclosed electrical gear prior to opening for further inspection. EFFICIENCYDue to the characteristics of Ultrasound. Ultrasonic inspection technology generates high frequency sound energy for nondestructive testing. Electronic transducers generate ultrasonic waves to. This section briefly describes the important metallurgical characteristics of austenitic welds which are relevant to ultrasonic testing. The atoms of austenitic.

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Ultrasonic testing (UT) is a family of non-destructive testing techniques based on the propagation of ultrasonic waves in the object or material tested. ultrasonic Flaw inspection. MES has numerous inspectors for both shear wave and angle-beam inspections. We offer in-house and field inspections with a rapid. Ultrasonic testing uses mechanical vibrations, in the form of ultrasonic waves, to search for internal discontinuities; the working principle is similar to the.