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In office storage costs more than you might think. Eight 4-drawer file cabinets (18″ x 42″) take up 42 square feet of office space. If you pay $25 per foot per. Document StorageAt Safe Storage Depot, we can help keep your off-site document storage costs low. Safe Storage Depot offers document storage, retrieval and. Our solution: secure, convenient, and cost-effective storage for all of your: · CORPORATE OR CLIENT FILES. · PERSONAL RECORDS. · FINANCIAL DOCUMENTS.

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Amazon S3 pricing ; All Storage / Month, $ per GB ; S3 Glacier Instant Retrieval*** - For long-lived archive data accessed once a quarter with instant. The cost of document storage services will vary depending upon the volume of documents you wish to store. This is because documents take up physical space, and. High storage costs · Slow and inaccurate retrieval of information · Paper records that are disintegrating before your eyes · Too much space taken up by old files.

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Data storage ; Northern Virginia (us-east4), $, $, $, $ ; Columbus (us-east5), $, $, $, $ Azure Archive Storage provides a low cost means of delivering durable, highly available, secure cloud storage and data management for rarely accessed data. Just share a Dropbox folder with a coworker and they can instantly access the content within it. Another great reason to use cloud storage is the cost savings.