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All ITE fabrics meet the relevant fire retardant (FR) standards such as AS & 3. ITE are more than able to accommodate all Stage Curtains, Theatre Drapes. (Theatre) a curtain made of fireproof material that can be lowered to separate the auditorium and stage in a theatre to prevent the spread of a fire. A safety curtain is a fire safety precaution used in large proscenium theatres. It is usually a heavy fibreglass or iron curtain located immediately behind.

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A Proscenium Fire Safety Curtains is installed in a theater for the purpose of protecting the audiences from a fire on stage. These curtains are made of. QSD designs, manufactures and installs fiberglass theatrical fire curtains that seal and separate the stage from the auditorium in case of emergency. Curtain Track and Track Hardware Stage Draperies & Fire Curtains Rope & Rope Accessories · Roundslings, Steel Slings and Straps.

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Curtains are designed to automatically close in the event of a stage fire to Fire Safety Curtain Systems include a fire resistant fabric curtain. Fire Curtain Drum Hoist. In the unfortunate event of a fire, effectively prevent heat, smoke, and flames on stage from reaching the audience with Thern. Fire curtain at Iroquois Theater and Joe Daugherty Despite that winning hand, when a fire broke out on stage, it turned into a perfect storm.